Thank you to our wonderful donors!

The generosity of our donors helps us bring people together through the joy of music and shared experience. Their support allows us to present world-class ensembles to audiences of all kinds all over the country and helps us present unparalleled music education programs as well as nurture future superstars and industry leaders. 

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our donors, for all they enable us to do for Australian musicians, artists, and music lovers. 

Major Gifts


The Berg Family Foundation
Patricia H. Reid Endowment Fund


Marion & Michael Newman
J A Donald Family, Katherine & Reg Grinberg, Tom & Elisabeth Karplus


Tom Breen & Rachael Kohn AO, Ian Dickson & Reg Holloway, Michael & Frederique Katz, Vicki Olsson
Ian & Caroline Frazer, Andrea & Malcolm Hall-Brown, The Hon. Justice A Philippides
Day Family Foundation
The Morawetz Family in memory of Paul Morawetz, Marjorie Nicholas OAM, Anonymous


R & V Hillman, Mick & Margaret Toller, Anonymous
Michael & Margaret Ahrens, Anne & Terrey Arcus AM, Neil Burns, Hilmer Family Endowment, Nigel & Carol Price, Anthony Strachan, Geoffrey White OAM & Sally White OAM
Lang Foundation, Marsden Szwarcbord Foundation, Anonymous (2)
Alexandra Clemens, Caroline & Robert Clemente, Roger Druce & Jane Bentley, Mercer Family Foundation, Lyn & David Munro - in memory of Sylvie Trobe
Team Legacy


Craig Reynolds, Anonymous
The Barbarians Orchestra, Christine Bishop, Jo & Barry Daffron, Darin Cooper Foundation, Daryl & Kate Dixon, Gardos Family, Charles & Wallis Graham, Robert & Lindy Henderson, DR & KM Magarey, Hywel Sims, David & Carole Singer, Anonymous
Barry & Diana Moore, Andrew & Kate Lister
Aldridge Family Endowment, Galina Podgoretsky, in memory of Rodney Crewther
Dr Di Bresciani OAM & Lino Bresciani, Alastair & Sue Campbell, Traudl Moon OAM, Greg Shalit & Miriam Faine, Stephen Shanasy, Anonymous
Deborah Lehmann AO & Michael Alpers AO, In memory of Stephanie Quinlan, Anonymous (3)

Ensemble Patrons

Our artistic vision for 2021 is made possible thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our Ensemble Patrons, each of whom supports the presentation of an entire national tour for our 2021 Season.

Australian Music Foundation - Diana Doherty & Streeton Trio
Berg Family Foundation - Goldner String Quartet & Piers Lane
Ian and Caroline Frazer - Ensemble Q
Eleanore Goodridge OAM - Nicolas Fleury, Emily Sun & Amir Farid
Stephen and Michele Johns, & Anonymous - Chopin's Piano with Aura Go
Perth Giving Circle: Michael Chaney AO, Bridget Faye AM, Janet Holmes à Court AC, Ros Kesteven, Mandy Loton OAM, Alan Robson AO, Margaret Seares AO, & Vivienne Stewart - Konstantin Shamray & ANAM Orchestra

Concert Champions

The mainstage concerts of our 2021 Season are brought to life thanks to the generosity of our Concert Champions around the country.

Don & Veronica Aldridge
Helen Bennetts & Tim Lloyd
Elizabeth Ho OAM & Michael Jacobs
Robert Gibbs & Tony Wildman in memory of Barbara Gibbs (nee Spencer)
In Memory of Lesley Lynn
Gale Spalvins
Dr Susan Marsden & Michael Szwarcbord

Friends of Brisbane Chamber Music
Ian & Cass George
Andrea & Malcolm Hall-Brown
Helen Kerr & John Ratcliffe
Andrew & Kate Lister
Barry & Diana Moore
The Hon Justice A Philippides

Musica Viva ACT Committee
Andrew Blanckensee
Sue & Ray Edmondson
Humphries Family Trust
Dr Sue Packer
Malcolm & Lachlan Snow & Jo Ferguson
The Salon Society
Ruth Weaver

Mary & Arnold Bram
Peter Griffin AM & Terry Swann
Monica Lim & Konfir Kabo
Peter Lovell
Rosemary & John MacLeod
The Morawetz Family in memory of Paul Morawetz
Musica Viva Victorian Committee
Ray Turner & Jennifer Seabrook
Dr Victor Wayne & Dr Karen Wayne OAM

Gay Bookallil
Robert & Lindy Henderson
Newcastle Committee
Megan & Bill Williamson

Deborah Lehmann AO & Michael Alpers AO
Mrs Morrell
Prichard Panizza Family
In Memory of Stephanie Quinlan
David Wallace & Jamelia Gubgub
Valerie & Michael Wishart

Priscilla Adey & Peter Ratcliffe
Pam Cudlipp
Patricia Crummer
Darin Cooper Foundation
Dr Jennifer Donald & Mr Stephen Burford
Charles Graham, in acknowledgement of his piano teacher, Sana Chia
Katherine & Reg Grinberg
Anthony Strachan
The Tribe Family
Kay Vernon
Kim Williams AM & Catherine Dovey


Musica Viva Australia acknowledges and celebrates those individuals and collectives who have generously committed to commissioning new music to be enjoyed by us all:

Vicki Olsson
Andrew Blanckensee, friends and family in memory of Anne & Alan Blanckensee AO
Tom Breen & Rachael Kohn AO
Julian Burnside AO QC & Kate Durham
Michael & Frederique Katz, in honour of Cecily Katz
Graham Lovelock & Steve Singer
DR & KM Magarey
Geoff Stearn

West Australian Commissioning Circle
Adelaide Commissioning Circle

Musica Viva also thanks the Silo Collective, the Ken Tribe Fund for Australian Composition, and the Hildegard Project for their support in bringing new Australian works to life.

Amadeus Society

The Amadeus Society is a group of passionate music lovers and advocates in Sydney and Melbourne who have joined together to support the extraordinary artistic initiatives of Musica Viva.

Julian Burnside AO QC (President, Melbourne) & Kate Durham
Ruth Magid & Bob Magid OAM
Tony Berg AM & Carol Berg
Marc Besen AC & Eva Besen AO
Ms Jan Bowen AM
Tom Breen & Rachael Kohn AO
Dr Di Bresciani OAM
David Constable AM & Dr Ida Lichter
Ms Annabella Fletcher
Liz Gee
Dr Annette Gero
Peter Griffin AM & Terry Swann
Katherine & Reg Grinberg
Jennifer Hershon & Russell Black
Penelope Hughes
Dr Alastair Jackson AM
Andrew Johnston
Michael & Frederique Katz
Professor John Rickard
Ray Wilson OAM

Masterclass Giving Circle

The Masterclasses Giving Circle is a group of generous donors whose collective support will enable the artistic development of the next generation of Australian chamber musicians.

Nicholas Callinan AO & Elizabeth Callinan
Caroline & Robert Clemente
Allan Myers AC QC & Maria Myers AC
Patricia H Reid Endowment Fund
Andrew Sisson AO & Tracey Sisson
Anonymous (2)

Annual Giving

This list is complete as at 11 June 2021.

If you have any questions about this list, please contact Musica Viva at 1300 786 186 or


Kristin van Brunschot & John Holliday, Goodwin Crace Concertgoers, Dr Andrew Singer, Anonymous
ADFAS Newcastle, Penny Beran, Opus 109 Sub-Fund - Community Impact Foundation, Sarah & Tony Falzarano, Mrs W G Keighley, Clare MacLean, Ruth Magid & Bob Magid OAM, Kay Vernon, In Loving Memory of Anne-Marie & Francis Murphy, Josette Wunder
DJ & EM Bleby, Ann & David Matison, H & I Pollard, Ms Judy Potter & Dr George Potter, STARS
Carrillo Gantner AC, Doug Hooley, Ralph & Ruth Renard, Maria Sola, Gai & David Taylor, Helen Vorrath, Lyn Williams
Mrs Morrell, Prichard & Panizza Family, Anonymous (2)

Odin Bohr & Anna Smet, Dudley & Helen Creagh, Olivia Gesini, Margaret & Peter Janssens, Garth Mansfield OAM & Margaret Mansfield OAM, Margaret Oates, S Packer, Hannah Semler, Clive & Lynlea Rodger, Sue Terry & Len Whyte, Anonymous (3)
Priscilla Adey, Judith Allen, Gay Bookallil, Catherine Brown-Watt PSM, Robert Cahill & Anne Cahill OAM, Hon J C Campbell QC & Mrs Campbell, Lloyd Capps & Mary Jo Capps AM, Stefan Couani, Patricia Crummer, Trish & John Curotta, Thomas Dent, Dr Arno Enno & Dr Anna Enno, John & Irene Garran, H2 Cairns Foundation, Annie Hawker, Lybus Hillman, Dr Ailsa Hocking & Dr Bernard Williams, Dorothy Hoddinott AO, ​Catharine & Robert Kench, Arthur & Elfreda Marshall, Dr Dennis Mather & John Studdert, Kevin & Deidre McCann, Michael & Janet Neustein, Paul O'Donnell, Lynda O'Grady, Lesley & Andrew Rosenberg, Margaret Hicks, Geoff Stearn, Richard & Beverley Taperell, Graham Tribe AM, Robert & Valerie Tupper, Mary Vallentine AO, Dr Elizabeth Watson, John & Flora Weickhardt, Megan & Bill Williamson, Anonymous (9)
George Booker & Denise Bond, Jill Boughen, John & Denise Elkins, Robin Harvey, Lynn & John Kelly, Jocelyn Luck, Debra & Patrick Mullins, Barbara Williams & Jankees van der Have, Anonymous 
Peter & Elaine Bailey, The late Peter Bailie & Ann-Maree O'Connor, Ivan & Joan Blanchard, John & Libby Clapp, Peter Clifton, Elizabeth Ho OAM, in honour of the late Tom Steel, Mark Lloyd & Elizabeth Raupach, Ruth Marshall & Tim Muecke, Trish & Richard Ryan AO, Anne Sutcliffe, Anonymous (4)
Joanna Baevski, Russ & Jacqui Bate, Mrs Maggie Cash, Alex & Elizabeth Chernov, Lord Ebury, Anne Frankenberg & Adrian McEniery, Lyndsey & Peter Hawkins, Virginia Henry, Penelope Hughes, Helen Imber, June K Marks, Janet McDonald, Ruth McNair AM and Rhonda Brown in memory of Patricia Begg and David McNair, Mr Baillieu Myer AC, Lyn & Gus Nossal, Barry Robbins, Murray Sandland, Wendy R. Taylor, Bibi Wilkinson, Mark & Anna Yates, Anonymous (2)
David & Minnette Ambrose, Dr S Cherian, Michael & Wendy Davis, Alan R. Dodge AM & Neil Archibald, In memory of Raymond Dudley, Ms Helen Hollingshead & Mr John Hollingshead, Anne Last & Steve Scudamore, Zoe Lenard & Hamish Milne, Mandy Loton OAM, Marian Magee & David Castillo, Margaret & Roger Seares, Elizabeth Syme, Robyn Tamke, Anonymous (4)

Geoffrey & Margaret Brennan, Christopher Clarke, Christina Cook, Martin Dolan, Kingsley Herbert, Claudia Hyles OAM, Margaret Lovell & Grant Webeck, Josephine McBride, Helen Rankin, Clive & Lynlea Rodger, Dr Jenny Stewart, Dr Douglas Sturkey CVO AM, Joan ten Brummelaar, Ruth Weaver, Dr Paul & Dr Lel Whitbread, Anonymous (3)
David & Rae Allen, John Baird, K Becker, Denise Braggett, Lucia Cascone, Michael & Colleen Chesterman, Robin & Wendy Cumming, Bronwyn Evans, Kate Girdwood, Anthony Gregg, Rohan Haslam,  Roland Hicks, Cynthia Kaye, Mathilde Kearny-Kibble, KP Kemp, Graham & Sue Lane, Trish Ludgate, Margot Morgan, Donald Nairn, Professors Robin & Tina Offler, Christina Pender, In memory of Katherine Robertson, Dr John Rogers, Penny Rogers, Dr Lynette Schaverien, Kate Tribe, Richard Wilkins, Anonymous (13)
Prof. Paul & Ann Crook, Janet Franklin, Prof Robert G Gilbert, Diana Lungren, Timothy Matthies & Chris Bonnily, Michelle Wade & James Sinclair, Jianxin Zhao and Faye Liu, Anonymous (2)
Richard Blomfield, Beverley A Brown OAM, Terence & Caroline Donald, Lesley Haas-Baker, Daniel & Susan Hains, Robert Kenrick, The Hon. Christopher Legoe AO QC & Mrs Jenny Legoe, Helga Linnert and Douglas Ransom, Diane Myers, Anonymous (6)
Jann Begg, Pam Caldwell, Elise Callander, Ted & Alison Davies, John & Margaret Harrison, Dr Anthea Hyslop, Denbigh Morris, Greg J Reinhardt AM, Eda Ritchie AM, Darren Taylor, Maureen Turner, Dr Victor Wayne & Dr Karen Wayne OAM, Pera Wells, Anonymous (5)
Fiona Campbell, Joan Carney, Fred & Angela Chaney, Helen Dwyer, Dr Penny Herbert, in memory of Dunstan Herbert, Graham Lovelock & Steve Singer, Paula Nathan AO & Yvonne Patterson, John Overton, Vivienne Stewart, Christopher Tyler, Helen Westcott, Peter & Cathy Wiese, Anonymous (3)

Musica Viva greatly appreciates the many supporters who have made gifts of between $2 and $499. Thank you!

Custodians and Bequest Donors

This list is complete as at 11 June 2021.

If you have any questions about this list or about making a bequest, please contact Jaci Maddern at or call (03) 9645 5088.

The late Charles Berg
The late Janette Hamilton
The Late Dr Ralph Hockin, in memory of Mabel Hockin
The late Beryl Raymer
The late Kenneth W Tribe AC
The late Sheila Gorman
The late John Lane Koch
The late D Radden
The late David Bradshaw
In memory of Anita Morawetz
The family of the late Paul Morawetz
The late Dr G D Watson

The Musica Viva Custodians are a very special group of people who have notified us of their intention to leave a gift to Musica Viva in their will.  A bequest to Musica Viva will enable us to continue presenting performances of the highest quality to the widest range of audiences across Australia, well into the future.

Geoffrey & Margaret Brennan, Clive & Lynlea Rodger, Ruth Weaver, Anonymous
Jennifer Bott AO, Catherine Brown-Watt PSM & Derek Watt, Lloyd & Mary Jo Capps AM, Andrew & Felicity Corkill, Peter Cudlipp, Liz Gee, Suzanne Gleeson, David & Christine Hartgill, Annie Hawker, Elaine Lindsay, Trevor Noffke, Dr David Schwartz, Ruth Spence-Stone, Mary Vallentine AO, Deirdre Nagle Whitford, Richard Wilkins, Kim Williams AM, Megan & Bill Williamson, Ray Wilson OAM, Anonymous (10)
Anonymous (3)
Monica Hanusiak-Klavins and Martin Klavins, Anonymous (5)
Kim Paterson QC, Anonymous
Elizabeth & Anthony Brookes, Julian Burnside AO QC, Ms Helen Dick, Robert Gibbs & Tony Wildman, Helen Vorrath, Anonymous (7)
Graham Lovelock, Anonymous (4)

Ticket Donors

Musica Viva wishes to acknowledge and thank all those generous patrons who have donated the value of their cancelled concert tickets to our Artist Fund to support Australian artists during this exceptional time.

Priscilla Adey, Beverly Allen, Judith Allen, David & Minnette Ambrose, Dr Warwick Anderson, Anne & Terrey Arcus AM, The Late Peter Bailie & Ann-Maree O'Connor, John Baird, Sue Barnard, Adrienne Basser, Sam Bateman, The Hon. Dr Annabelle Bennett AO SC, Tony Berg AM & Carol Berg, David Bernshaw, Marc Besen AC & Eva Besen AO, Christine Bishop, Andrew Blanckensee, DJ & EM Bleby, Odin Bohr & Anna Smet, Gay Bookallil, George Booker & Denise Bond, Stephen Booth, Jennifer Bott AO, Jill Boughen, Helen Brack, Denise Braggett, Tom Breen & Rachael Kohn AO, Geoffrey & Margaret Brennan, Dr David Brookman & Dr Stephanie Brookman, Beverley A Brown OAM, Kristin van Brunschot & John Holliday, Susan Bryant, David Bullen, Christopher & Margaret Burrell, Pam Caldwell, Alison & John Cameron, Alastair & Sue Campbell, Joan Carney, Anne Burgi & Kerin Carr, Fred & Angela Chaney, Catherine Cherry, Michael & Colleen Chesterman, John & Libby Clapp, Caroline & Robert Clemente, Peter Clifton, Rodney Constantine, David Constable AM & Dr Ida Lichter, David Cooke, Stefan Couani, Andrew & Felicity Corkill, Ruth Crabb, Alison R Craswell, Dudley & Helen Creagh, Prof. Paul & Ann Crook, Robin Cumming, Jennifer Darin & Dennis Cooper, Olivier David & Dr Bennie Ng, Greta Davis, Thomas Dent, Daryl & Kate Dixon, Lord Ebury, Susan Edmondson, John & Denise Elkins, Dr Arno Enno & Dr Anna Enno, Anton Enus & Roger Henning, Joanne Etheridge, Deirdre Ferguson, Jo Ferguson & Malcolm Snow, Sabina Flanagan & Wilfrid Prest, Jill Fleming, Ms Annabella Fletcher, Janet Franklin, Ian & Caroline Frazer, Cindy Gallois, John & Irene Garran, Monica Garrett, Liz Gee, Ian & Cass George, Geoffrey & Mary Gloster, Brian Goddard, Christine Goode, Lois Goodin, Eleanore Goodridge OAM, Mark D Gould, Charles & Wallis Graham, Dr Joan Grant, Robert Green, Katherine & Reg Grinberg, Sue & Ken Gunn, Andrea & Malcolm Hall-Brown, Neil & Pamela Hardie, Susan & Daniel Hains, John & Margaret Harrison, Rohan Haslam, Sandra Haslam, Annie Hawker, Esther Hayter, Judith Healy, Virginia Henry, Dr. Penny Herbert in memory of Dunstan Herbert, Jennifer Hershon & Russell Black, Fred & Claire Hilmer, Dr Ailsa Hocking & Dr Bernard Williams, Dorothy Hoddinott AO, Ken & Lenore Hodgkinson, Ms Helen Hollingshead & Mr John Hollingshead, Janice Horder, Jeannette Horne, Michael Horowitz, Penelope Hughes, Mrs Claudia Hyles OAM, Dr Anthea Hyslop, Helen Imber, Peter Ingram, Margaret & Peter Janssens, AC & BJ Jennings, Nola Jennings, Stephen & Michele Johns, Ruth Jones, Rosie Jones, Tom & Elisabeth Karplus, John V Kaufman QC, Mathilde Kearny-Kibble, Irene Kearsey & Michael Ridley, Leta Keens, Mrs W G Keighley, John & Lynn Kelly, Catharine & Robert Kench, Dr Jean Kennedy, Kennedy Family Group, Hiroko Kikkawa, Angela & Richard Kirsner, Peter & Barbara Kolliner, Chaille Lansell, Anne Last & Steve Scudamore, The Hon. Christopher Legoe AO QC & Mrs Jenny Legoe, Antonia Lehn, Zoe Lenard & Hamish Milne, Anne Levy, Andrew & Kate Lister, Margaret Lovell & Grant Webeck, Jocelyn Luck, Peter B Lyons, Hayward and Ruth Maberley, Vanessa & John Mack, J & R MacLeod, DR & KM Magarey, Ruth Magid & Bob Magid OAM, Garth Mansfield OAM, June Marks, Marsden Szwarcbord Foundation, Ruth Marshall & Tim Muecke, Ann & David Matison, Barbara Matthies, Kevin & Deidre McCann, Jan McDonald, Travis McDougall, Barbara McKenzie, Stephanie Miller, Patricia Mitchell OAM, Alan & Rosemary Moore, Barry & Diana Moore, Mrs Morrell, Anne Morris, Debra & Patrick Mullins, Akira & Tomoko Nakayama, Paula Nathan AO & Yvonne Patterson, Michael & Janet Neustein, Katherine Nye, Megan O'Connor, Professors Robin & Tina Offler, Kim & Margie Ostinga, John Overton, S Packer, Diane Parks, Nan & Jim Paterson, Margot Pearson & Brian Palfrey, D.E. Pidd, Galina Podgoretsky, H & I Pollard, Mary Pollard, D & J Pollard, George & Judy Potter, Nigel & Carol Price, Helen Rankin, Jenny & Rob Rattray, Greg J Reinhardt AM, Peter & Carolyn Rendit, Craig Reynolds, Prof. John Rickard, Dr John Rogers, Penny Rogers, Lesley &, Andrew Rosenberg, Noeline Sandblom, Kerry Sanderson, Barbara Schmidt & Peter Cudlipp, Margaret & Roger Seares, Tony Seymour, Greg Shalit & Miriam Faine, Stephen Shanasy, Ms Vivienne Sharpe, Jane Shellshear, Marian Simpson, Dr Andrew Singer, Helen Smith, Maria Sola, Dr Jenny Stewart, Dr Chales Su & Dr Emily Lo, Jane Sullivan, Mrs Suzy and Dr Mark Suss, Elizabeth Syme, Beverley & Richard Taperell, Gavin Taylor, Wendy Taylor, Philip Telford, Sue Terry & Len Whyte, Anne E Thomas, Dr Jane Thompson, Graham Tribe AM, Kate Tribe, Helen Tuckey, Robert & Valerie Tupper, Ray Turner & Jennifer Seabrook, Christopher Tyler, Nancy Underhill, Mary Vallentine AO, Kay Vernon, Herti Verge, Helen Vorrath, Thomas Waddell, W Wade, David Wallace & Jamelia Gubgub, Mrs June Walpole, Dr Elizabeth Watson, Dr Victor & Dr Karen Wayne OAM, Ruth Weaver, Andrew Wells AM, Dr Paul & Dr Lel Whitbread, Deirdre Whitford, Peter & Cathy Wiese, Kim Williams AM, Barbara Williams & Jankees van der Have, Megan & Bill Williamson, Bibi Wilkinson, Jim & Ann Wilson, Ann Woodroffe, Robert & Glenys Woolcock, Mark & Anna Yates, Pavel Zib, Anonymous (83)

This list is complete as at 11 June 2021

The St Mark's Darling Point Organ Scholarship Program in collaboration with Musica Viva Australia

Hannah & Rhydian Harris
Geoffrey White OAM & Sally White OAM

The St Andrew's Uniting Church Choral Scholarship Program in collaboration with Musica Viva Australia

Gwenyth & John Chappell
Andrea & Malcolm Hall-Brown
Mary Kelly
Jennifer Kennedy
Robin Maurer
Pamela Russell
Barbara & Nicholas Tate